Kim Wingrove Fire Relief Fund

Kim Wingrove Fire Relief Fund

Dear All, On November 22nd, 2017,  Thanksgiving Eve,  CCS colleague and Edgewell Site Manager,  Kim Wingrove, suffered a devastating fire to her home and her home was completely lost. Thankfully,  Kim is fine physically but emotionally the loss was severe.   All of Kim’s earthly belongings, mementos and possessions which she collected throughout her life are now gone. Kim has worked with CCS the past two years running the Edgewell site in Dover, DE. It is because of Kim that our relationship with this customer is as strong as it is today. Her hard work and dedication has helped CCS to grow this valued customer over the last two years and the enjoy we have today. As Lis Epley, Regional Operations Manager, explained to me yesterday, “Working in Operations, I am only as successful as the people that I work with.  Kim is at the top of the list of good, kind and hard-working people who make my job easier.  Kim is a co-worker and friend.” Not only does Kim now need to find a new home, she needs to purchase all of the basic necessities such as clothing, personal hygiene products, furniture, and other household items that allow us all to live normal daily life. In light of these trying circumstances, especially approaching the holiday season, we are pledging to help Kim get back to normal daily life as quickly as possible. We would ask each of you to join us in helping us raise the funds to allow our friend and co-worker Kim, to try to rebuild her life and replace the necessary items she lost and return to some type normalcy.   We all know that there are some things that we cannot replace. Let’s help Kim and pitch in and show her the kindness, generosity and good will, especially at this time of year, that will assist her in getting back on her feet.  Please contribute anything that you can. No amount is too small. In addition, please share this GoFundMe page with your contacts, and let Kim know how much we care. Thank you, blessings, and gratitude to all. -Controlled Contamination Services

About CCS

Controlled Contamination Services is a leading provider of facility solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, electronic, semiconductor, manufacturing, high tech, IT, and aerospace and defense industries. CCS provides its clients with highly specialized cleaning, bio-decontamination, as well as a wide array of technical service solutions that exceed the health, safety, and environmental requirements at facilities of any size and use. With more than 28 years of industry and quality knowledge and experts across the US, CCS utilizes an in-depth understanding of FDA regulations and GxP requirements to meet and exceed the most stringent cleaning and decontamination needs. Whether your site is a multi-million square foot facility or a more modest project, CCS is your choice to deliver the highest quality solutions for your environment.

CCS’s Data Center Services Division provides a wide range of specialty cleaning services that included: Data Center Cleaning, Hot Aisle, and Cold Aisle Containment Systems, Water and Leak Detection, Facility Monitoring, Computer Room Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Underfloor Plenum Cleaning, Raised Floor Access Cleaning, Equipment, and Environment Cleaning, Zinc Whisker Testing and Remediation, 7 X 24 Disaster Recovery Services. CCS also offers High-Efficiency Infrastructure Optimization products and services for data center customers who are in need of improved infrastructure cooling, power and monitoring efficiency, and management.

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