Quality Assurance

Controlled Contamination Services’ primary goal is to provide the highest quality services, both meeting and exceeding our customers’ requirements, while improving the environment they work in through the use of the QMS and Quality Objectives.

CCS will work to continuously improve services and is committed to complete customer satisfaction.

ISO Certification

CCS is proud to have an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System that ensures compliance with the International Organization for Standardization. Compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard is a key component of our effective quality management system.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification PDF

Quality Management

CCS operates under a robust Quality Management System (QMS), incorporating everything necessary to maintain compliance including training, audits, document management, and record retention requirements.

Technology & Inspections

CCS combines current technology and sustainable agents with a precision, high-performance cleaning system (OS1) to provide a safer, cleaner, and healthier work environment. CCS Insight, powered by Cleantelligent, is a cloud-based work order and communication system we use for our clients. The system is highly customizable and we will adjust the program to fit the exact needs of the customer prior to launch and will make changes as needs change.

By using CCS Insight, customers can generate service requests, inspection reports, and review output reports at any time from their own device. This system allows transparency of communication between CCS employees, management, and customers. CCS has developed the Service Inspection process in which cleaning performance can be measured, tracked, and trended. This will be performed by CCS internally as well as with client involvement.

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Management Oversight

CCS establishes that you will always be audit-ready as quality is the central component of both the facility and CCS standards. Frequent review of our quality management system by our top-level management provides a safeguard on the integrity of the system. Our management team will identify and assist with resource needs and constant improvement. Whether it is quarterly or annually, they are also required to meet with the customer on a pre-determined routine to assess quality and compliance with customer SOP’s. All inspection/audit results are immediately visible to the client via the CCS Insight system (uploaded in real-time to client email).

Service Inspection Process

CCS has developed a process in which cleaning performance can be measured, tracked, and trended.


An inspection schedule is developed consisting of both Operations Inspections and QA audits.


Inspections are performed using CCS INSIGHT. All metrics are stored in the cloud and are available at any time for both CCS and Partners.

Work Orders:

Work orders are generated to address findings and to hold on-site management accountable.


Metrics are used to identify opportunities for improvement and retraining.

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