Environmental Monitoring

Validate And Maintain GMP Compliance

One of the key services for contamination control is environmental monitoring. Environmental monitoring programs are designed to estimate the microbial and particulate content of the room air and surfaces. An effective environmental monitoring program alerts you when conditions contributing to excessive microbial levels rise due to ineffective cleaning, sanitation, or other personnel/equipment issues.

Controlled Contamination Services (CCS) offers flexible, comprehensive, monitoring programs that measure room pressurization, temperature, relative humidity, and non-viable particulates. As well as the assessment of microbial sources, potential contamination and control problems with your facility. For quality assurance and audit purposes, program results are formatted and detailed in a formal report.

Environmental monitoring programs from CCS provide you with the appropriate level of service required to ensure your manufacturing environment complies with all FDA, USP, ISO14644, Annex 1, and ASTM requirements.

CCS provides flexible services to help our customers validate and maintain GMP compliance for their cleanroom areas. Our personnel combined have more than 100 years of cleanroom and environmental monitoring experience.

CCS Environmental Monitoring Services

  • Establishment of action and alert limits with analysis of microbial and particulate trends
  • Fungal growth identification
  • Microbial growth and monitoring programs
  • Microorganism identification
  • Non-viable particulates
  • Passive/active viable air sampling
  • Room pressurization, temperature and relative humidity
  • Viable air and surface sampling
  • Compressed gas services
  • Gowning qualification
  • Finger tip glove testing

With every service call, CCS offers

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified and GMP Compliant Services
  • Increased Worker Productivity and Morale
  • Improved Environmental Monitoring Results
  • Highly Trained Micro Cleaners
  • Cost Reduction
  • Mitigate Risk of Loss
  • Quality Assurance
  • Comprehensive Training

How Can We Help You?

Controlled Contamination Services has dedicated representatives to provide clients with individual support.

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