CCS Cares

Controlled Contamination Services sponsors and actively participates in charity events nationwide. CCS employees and their families are eager to give back to the local community and help raise funds to support research, education, and advocacy for various charities. We have Monthly Culture Events throughout the year to donate food, volunteer in our local communities, and show support for important causes.

Our goal is to make an impact on our communities!

What’s Important to You is Important to Us

At CCS, what is important to our partners we make important to us. We have a community support program that assists our partners by providing our team members with opportunities for work hours on community projects. We can allocate hours of community service to our clients for clean-up, logistics, moving, manual labor, and other tasks identified on a case-by-case basis for work for and in their local communities.

Organizations CCS Volunteers For:

Project C.U.R.E. identifies, solicits, collects, sorts, and distributes medical supplies and services according to the imperative needs of the world. CCS supports by volunteering time to sort, label, and package these necessary medical items.

Feeding America has been a great organization to volunteer for. Through them, we are able to impact the communities where WE work, the same communities where our team members raise families, work hard and serve our clients. CCS believes that responding to the hunger crisis in America is a vital piece of our mission to impact the world.

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