Controlled Contamination Services is a leading provider of decontamination services to the Biotech , Pharmaceutical industry, Life Sciences and R&D Labs, Nutraceuticals Semiconductor, Electronics sector, and Information Technology Industry.

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Our decontamination services extend far beyond simple cleaning. With more than 20 years of experience, the CCS decontamination process is based upon science and empirical data, using the latest information available and most innovative and stringent cleaning techniques.

We understand the organisms and microbes that may be present in a controlled environment and the proper use of biocides, disinfectants, and sporicidal agents for their control and elimination. People cross-contaminate environments as well, and we teach you proper clean room behavior and gowning and gloving protocols that will protect your environment. Our decontamination expertise ranges from micro-cleaning of Class 1 (M 1.5) to Class 100,000 (M 6.5) environments, with both routine and periodic cleaning services. We also conduct specialized cleaning required in data centers and raised floor environments, post-construction cleaning, disaster decontamination, and one-time super cleaning.

From Clean to Pristine

You never have to compromise the quality of your research, the sterility of your instruments or the integrity of your product line. There is no re-work when you engage with Controlled Contamination Services. We do the job right, the first time, to your exacting specifications. We assure your peace of mind and your company's regulatory compliance.

CCS uses high-grade clinically-tested clean room supplies. Offering precision clean room services would not be possible without paying attention to every detail. Long-standing relationships with the most trusted Cleanroom supply companies allows us to meet all mirco-cleaning requirements for your cleanroom.

Our Micro Cleaners (Technicians) are highly trained professionals that understand your sensitive environments. Each Micro Cleaner has been trained in the very latest cleaning techniques and are amongst the most highly trained in the industry. CCS utilizes a variety of specialized equipment and cleaning agents to support these efforts.

Contact us today for a Decontamination Audit or Evaluation. We will respond with insight and thought-provoking comments that can improve your company's profitability and compliance immediately.


Data Center Services Division

Controlled Contamination Services (CCS) Data Center Cleaning Division is a leading provider of on-site specialty cleaning services for Information Technology (IT) departments across the United States. CCS specializes in providing the following services: Data Center Cleaning, Computer Room Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning, Raised Floor Cleaning, Underfloor or Sub Floor Plenum Cleaning, Data Room Cleaning and much more.  CCS provides these services both on an initial, routine preventative basis as well as on an emergency, event-driven basis.

Controlled Environment Solutions Division

Our Controlled Environment Solutions Division (CES) provides our clients with single vendor facility services replacing traditional janitorial through a holistic approach of Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) and Decontamination methodologies using environmentally preferable certified green seal products and sustainable solutions.

Training and Consulting Division

CCS's Training and Consulting Division is your "Go To" resource for information, facility audits, and training. We audit S.O.P's , assess product material flows, conduct Clean Room design, provide proper gloving and gowning procedures, develop guidelines and training manuals and much more.

In addition to clean room training and consulting, CCS provides recommendations for achieving cleanroom validation and certification. In accordance with industry standards and regulations, we help ensure that businesses are able to maintain consistent clean room practices.


Industries Served:

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Hydrogen Peroxide - Ionized Particle Fogging

Controlled Contamination Services (CCS) provides an innovative new Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide fogging technology that provides thorough decontamination and 6log sterilization of your facility. CCS's Ionized Particle Fogging decontamination system delivers an activated Hydrogen Peroxide solution for effective biodecontamination where reduction of Biological Load is critical. CCS specializes in providing IPF services in the following types of facilities: Cleanroom, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Vivariums, Healthcare, Tissue Bank, PCR Labs.

Other industries served: transportation, hospitality and hotel, food service, food industry, workplace, sports facilities.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has certified Controlled Contamination Services (CCS) for ISO 9001:2008 certification on July 25th, 2012 for its offices in the US.

Continuous improvement is a core value at CCS and one of the pillars of the ISO standard, so bringing the standards of ISO to CCS is a natural fit for CCS because documentation and following rigorous procedures for its clients as set by the FDA and other regulatory agencies has long been a strong core value and part of the customer promise at CCS.

ISO 9001:2008 is the ultimate global benchmark for quality management. It is a critical tool for boosting CCS’s success, profitability and market potential. ISO 9001:2008 will better equip CCS to meet every client’s requirement, improve client focus throughout and a host of other benefits, such as: optimize its market potential, as well as opening its business up to larger clients, streamline efficiency, cost containment and savings, improve its consistency and information flow, improve employee motivation, time management, service and performance to the highest level, improve your businesses customer service and improve accountability and traceability.

Controlled Contamination Services Cleanroom & Data Center Cleaning Services

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Controlled Contamination Services is able to provide service across the country utilizing our region locations:

West Region: Los Angeles, CA, Anaheim, CA, Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada (714) 239-1350

South West Region: San Diego, CA (858) 457-3157

North West Region (Bay Area and Sacramento): Hayward, CA and San Francisco, CA (510) 728-1106

East Coast Region: New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland (888) 263-9886

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